Omar Bayoumi is a start-up high-end genderless label. The label’s identity is contoured by the movement the brand aims to make. 
The triangle, in this case, not only is a geometrical symbol, but is representing trinities that are the base of humanity: mind, body and spirit, past, present and future, creation, preservation and destruction.
Minimal luxury, defined by the highest quality finishings and carefully sourced fabrics, the brand implies a high standard, from sourcing, making, to packaging and delivering.
Sustainability driven, the label is exclusively using natural fabrics (organic cotton, linen, silk, cashmere and more), and is against using materials that are likely to be be harmful for the environment. 
Having said the word 'fusion', it is the definition of the brand's concept. Inclusivity is what the brand stands for. The brand aims to transcend beyond social norms of femininity/masculinity and modern society to create innovative garments and experiences. 
The first collection is built around the word ‘androgynous’ as it is a word that perfectly describes the concept. 
Thus, the designer affirms that we are all souls, living in bodies we were blessed to have, explaining the conclusion that the brand is making clothes for the souls.